Solving the common link in all diseases including Diabetes!

Frank P Russo - 2005-11-03.


My incredible ascorbic acid research, has led me to come up with the common link found in all diseases. For a start the blood is very irrelevant … it is just a transport mechanism …that is a road or railway … it’s what takes place at the particular destination that is the important thing! Hence what matters more are the intracellular, the extra-cellular, and the target organ tissues.

My vitamin C taught me that just about every tissue has its own level of a particular solute or substance, and this often bears no resemblance to the serum or plasma value. As I’ve said before, organs die because they run out of energy … they go cold … everything is about heat! Now every tissue is like a reservoir with a dam, and it is constantly busy hoarding glucose whether as glycogen or “whatever”! Now the plasma level starts going up, when the various tissues start leaking by going beyond their threshold.

What one finds is that the various medications lower the particular tissue threshold and one actually gets an avalanche of sugar coming into the circulation … it follows that fasts are not just biblical nonsense but are actually very advantageous! The reason one gets the impression the medications actually lower blood sugar is because they do, do this when taken with a meal, as the meal provides the energy for sugar to be broken down through its ATP requiring stages … but once the meal’s gone, the sugar starts to leak to the blood again.

So not only does one have to perhaps lose weight, but he may have to take a lot of extra medication off and on, to continue draining the tissues of this sugar! This is where exercise comes in very handy.

So the idea is not only to have a good blood sugar level … but also to drain the sugar from the penis and thus reverse impotence! Drain the sugar from the eyes and reverse blindness! From the joints and reverse arthritis! And all throughout the ordeal one’s diabetes will be waning away.

As far as juices and vitamin C go … remember that you must temper these with an astronomical amount of coffee, just like Voltaire who used to drink about 50 cups a day! Caffeine is an alkaloid and it will balance the acidity of ascorbic acid (vitamin C). So that the positives will be additive, whilst the pejoratives will cancel each other out.

I hope that all humanity can blossom with radiant health and stunning beauty - the Force has willed it - so let it come to be!

Frank Russo .


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