The significance of some recent blood chemistry.

Frank P Russo - 2005-11-03.


I recently had about 23 chemistries done and the only abnormal item was the glucose of 13.1 (with the glycosylated haemoglobin reflecting the same value). But my glucose is very unusual because sometimes back I had a heparin plasma sample of 16.1, and yet on the same non-fasting sample with EDTA, it only read about 11.1 – very strange! I think someone was adding sugar to my sample to make me look like a bad diabetic! And especially when the sample was grossly lipemic: why did they always refuse my suggestion of diluting the lipemia and then working it out by multiplying the result by the dilution factor?!

The enzyme levels have come right down and are very normal. The triglycerides which used to be 15.2, are now a beautiful 1.8mmol/l, and the high density lipoprotein which had been low all my adult life, are now normal at 1.1 mmol/l. Furthermore, the phosphate which was languishing at the bottom of the range on 0.76 is now a perfect 1.03 mmol/l (Range 0.75-1.45). The other novelty is that, the cholesterol is now slightly higher than usual at 5.2 - however this is quite understandable seeing that I have been recently regularly indulging in oysters!

Tonight my temperature was 37.1 orally whilst my blood pressure was 140/80. Also very importantly, my glucose or sugar was only 8.4 mmol/l … so I must be doing very well indeed!


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