How to dress so as to become a Superhero!

Frank Russo – 2005-10-30.


Have you ever wondered why it is so popular to coordinate one ’ s clothes? The reason is that if one is mainly wearing one color with different shades of it, the light energy is congruous in other words it flows all over the body without flow interruptions.

A must to become a superhero is to have a pair of gloves, for then one can punch a fence and make it shake to bits without hurting the knuckles. I was able to do this with gloves that were creamy white at the wrists, and internally throughout, whilst they were a beautiful green on the outside of the hands. One would gain a lot of energy, as the light would go from a cream color to green, (during the day). Furthermore, I was able to fill them with water and immerse my hands in them: I could feel current going from one hand to the other and vice versa!

A supposition I had, was that the strength of water whilst shrinking a woolen suit, would greatly strengthen one ’ s body within such a suit! I tried it out, and not only did I feel bullet-proof: my body had also become so incredibly hard!

Dark colors give energy at night, so one should wear these at those times, and obviously wear light colors during the day. A few facts to be conscious of, are that the black color stores energy, whereas the brown color sucks and channels energy… and that in general energy or light goes from light colors to dark ones during the day, whereas in the opposite direction during the night!

A good color for our shoe-soles is black followed by brown above it, so that energy is sucked up during the night from the ground. By the same token, one ’ s brown hair would absorb a great deal of solar energy during the day and release it to the head.

A big no-no is to wear one sock inside out for then a flow of energy will be setup, from one shade of color on one foot to the other, this is because usually socks vary in color when one is worn inside out. Furthermore one can wear an extra external pair of socks covering his trousers ’ lower legs, then one may setup a flow of energy upwards on the inside (skin surfaces), and continuing onto one ’ s outer perimeters down the legs.

Yes! There was a reason as to why the negativistic force of our universe had all these concepts of superheroes in bright costumes.

(Note: Whilst I was conducting this research I was electrified from my work on trees and electricity!)



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