The Cause and Remedy for Arthritis

Frank P Russo - October 20 2005.


One of the most debilitating diseases is arthritis: it is really horrible to see twisted fingers and joints! Let me reiterate once more that this is due to trapped energy in the body. This trapped magnetic energy can really cause havoc.

The remedy is just that, chiefly prophylactic or preventative measures … because once the damage is caused, it is very difficult to retrogress to pristine conditions. The key seems to be that such a disease often takes place in a joint or area of the body, which has previously been subjected to some sort of trauma. My understanding is that humans have been using ointments for time immemorial, especially for joint pain. I would speculate that some ointments have the specialty of trapping magnetic energy, (and even light is electromagnetic). Furthermore, it seems that the body receiving such ointments, actually learns the process of how to trap this magnetic energy.

The key is therefore to look at the overall picture. Firstly one should change bedroom if at all possible, especially to one with a different colour scheme. Secondly one should change the material and colour of the bedding, especially if one does not already regularly do this. Thirdly one should change the orientation of the bed if possible, to test whether the pain would subside.

It is interesting that some individuals are having great success with magnets. Way back in 1980-81 I realized the importance of magnetic energy and mentioned this in my first research paper, (December 1981). I still haven’t forgotten that a friend, Bob Walsh, laughed at the idea at the tea-table back then! My key realization is that there is a reason as to why most persons have a great deal of arthritis in either the hands or feet, or both.

Because the brain is of an electromagnetic nature, it is like a capacitor and can store a great amount of electro-magnetic energy. The problem emerges when this energy reaches the other extremity, for it is a bit hard for it to move further and tends to thus gravitate or accumulate. So the key realization, was that one should reverse the orientation of one’s body in the bed, so that the flow is in the opposite direction, if not every few hours or every night, at least whenever the pain starts coming on. One will be amazed at the great relief this may bring.

Finally, it is very tempting to call any “uncaused” disease an “auto-immune” disease, for then the medical profession appear to have the mastery of it. The better definition of course is “of unknown aetiology”, which supposedly may make the patient insecure. I hope my stimulus in this area may be more than the proverbial “shot in the arm”, and actually target the joints more!

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