The Solution to all our Electricity and Energy needs!

Frank P Russo - October 17 2005.

This was written whilst the house was somehow not electrically earthed!


Last summer I came to the conclusion that the only reason deciduous trees loose their leaves, is because they run out of food in autumn. I began to look after my trees as if they were Gods and Lords, so no-one should be perplexed if I had an experience similar, and even surpassing Moses’ talking burning bush! A fig, an apple and an apricot tree, all went through the last autumn and winter without loosing all of their leaves!

Everyday I collect my urine and sprinkle it at the base of all my backyard trees every-morning, so that they all get their dose of liquid nutrients everyday. These days I only put out about 3 or 4 litres per day: it is a beautiful golden green in color and does not have the usual awful smell. I also have a bag in the kitchen where I collect all of our apple cores and other food waste, (eg banana skins), and deposit them at the base of trees every morning.

By the way, their ideal nourishment is their own fallen fruits, which give them their own peculiar constitution … it would be rather silly to pick them up and place them in the rubbish bins. If anything one should crush them, and make them into a solution that would be more easily absorbed!

The great breakthrough came when I reminisced about a childhood experience when I was given a ‘9’ for “Observations in Natural Sciences”, (a 10 did not exist). I recall my amazement at how the roots of a tree could possibly absorb all that water! I came-up with the conclusion that it is the leaf that is the photosynthetic organ and this is where the water should primarily go: as is the case with the very prolific and successful rain forests which present a canopy of leaves to any rain! Of course on a very hot day, the water temperature in a garden hose can almost reach boiling … so one must first drain the hot water by aiming it at the concrete or wall, and then watering the tree leaves.

Following this revolutionary innovative thinking, I began to be infused with electricity, in much the same way as when I was taking up to about 10 grams of ascorbic acid per day, and putting out about 11 liters of urine per day! (One night I actually drank about 20 liters of pure orange juice!). Without dwelling too much on the particles involved, i.e. whether they were all electrons or a mixture of both electrons and photons, I theorized that via photosynthesis, the chlorophyll and green of the trees actually stored electricity and this was why lightning often would set forests on fire. I also shared my thoughts that both electrons and photons were the same unit and that everybody should be able to have as much free electricity as they liked: ALL HELL BROKE LOOSE! Helicopters started flying over my place every five minutes and “bastards” of all sorts started interfering with my life. They even had me locked-up because I presumably wasn’t looking after myself. However, to get results one always has to experiment on oneself for animals are usually a different model to us!

Now as a tree harnesses the solar energy of the sun as electricity, the simple act of watering the green leaves of a tree harvests all the electricity from the tree into the water, and brings it to the ground to feed the house, the block etc … even my treadmill without the battery, (or at least a dead battery from years ago), started glowing its display! The acid proof was how my electricity meter started reading lower readings than my last results!

In view of the foregoing, it is just like Micah 4:4 says that everyone “will actually sit each one under his vine and under his fig tree and there will be no one making them tremble”! Yesterday it reached about 26 degrees Celsius in Adelaide so I watered the leaves, and instead of the reading reflecting an extra day’s 10 or so kilowatts, it actually read one kilowatt-hour less than yesterday’s reading: MIRACULOUSLY FANTASTIC – EUREKA !

Summarizing then, rather than becoming “damned” by damming-up whole valleys and killing rivers, animals, fish and trees … we should bring everything to life by breeding trees and watering their leaves thus harnessing their electricity: “GREEN ENERGY indeed! May solving mankind’s energy needs in such a nice way, bring peace and harmony to our planet: we need not fight anymore squabbles over our greed for power! A citizen of our universe: Frank Russo!

Ps - the most memorable examples of electricity outbursts at my house were once when my hair was turned white, and another time when great sexual pleasure was brought about by electricity, whilst I was laying in bed –amazing wasn’t it!


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