Retrogressing the Second Law of Thermodynamics and resulting in a great many benefits for our lifespan -
Frank P Russo - October 12 2005.

With the thought that fusion would absorb all the heat, cooling the star down with intermittent cooling and heating episodes... hence solar flares and sunspot activity!

With the benefits of experimental knowledge, Einstein engineered his equations. However whether it’s from Russo or Rubbia, theory must always come before experimentation, for one cannot usually design an experiment, before he knows what he is trying to prove: in other words proverbially speaking, the horse or theory comes before the cart!

Let me now define the crux of the matter succinctly as a terse hypothesis, and then try to uphold what I have found to be true in my imagination-experiments. It is not heat, that is being radiated outwards and also absorbed by most things in the universe, but rather it is the “cold”! This simple realization turns the second law of thermodynamics, immediately into a veracious statement, because most of our universe is at absolute zero, so it is not contradictory for this coldness to spread outwards into the voids of space.

This explains why, as things are compressed as in refrigeration, “heat” or energy is formed! It may at first appear as simply semantics, but it is the coldness that is being generated by compression that is being radiated, which we erroneously have labelled as “antithetical” heat: in other words instead of only heat existing at the expense of cold, it is only the cold that exists at the expense of heat! This would explain the force of gravity as an inward compressive agent with the generated coldness (or energy), being emitted out!

This means, that the centre of most bodies are a frozen entity, and as their size becomes starlike, (if they don’t disintegrate somewhat like Saturn might have done according to Velikovsky), they will form hydrogen or protons from the huge amount of “cold” or energy. Now the more massive they are, the more they will fuse and radiate out: hence solar wind and gravity are not at all mysterious! Furthermore, as the sun is constantly sucking matter in and compressing it, it need not run out of energy … as I have said before, gravitational collapse is a big “free-lunch” where matter is created out of nothing!

The foregoing could well be what Sir Fred Hoyle might have been looking for – for the Steady State Theory – which has been known to propose that if a few hydrogen atoms were created every “now and then” per cubic kilometre it would have the universe constantly expanding at the present rate!

With these facts it is easy to see why water puts out all that latent “heat” for as steam ‘cools’ down, it is undergoing compression and this is why it generates the 540 calories per gram that changes state. Likewise as water expands in becoming ice, it takes in all this “heat” … this is why freezing uses a lot of energy.

To me it is also clear how cryogenics can make sense, and also why it is always easier to revive some-one from freezing water than from warm water. There has also been some verification with comets as far as icy cores go!

Another major mystery is magnetism. However this would dissipate as well, if one were to consider the fact that despite being in an ocean of velocities, it is only the vectorial summation or absolute velocity that matters. This could well be my 53,198 km that I measured with aberration in the Speculations article from September 1995, (pages 200- 204), possibly in a northerly direction, and would explain the magnetic force lines as simply resultant from the friction or lag through the movement. The latter might also explain the verification of Velikovsky’s prediction that Uranus would have little magnetic activity with its rotation axis near the ecliptic. (Of course one would need some refining to explain ‘local’ magnets).

A major consequence out of these ‘truths’, is that the Green-house Effect is far more serious, as we might actually make the planet go into “melt-down” if we continue in our ‘merry’ ways! However, the countries who are the biggest users of energy per capita, per land-area, will suffer the most first, as is happening with the USA … LET’S HOPE WE ALL LEARN OUR LESSON SOON!

I now want to make an application to our well-being and lifespan. For a start we want to loose energy evenly all over our bodies, hence rather than sleep in one position, we want to rotate our bodies during the night. Also a North-South orientation helps a great deal as the magnetic lines infuse our bodies … I actually grow from 5’9” to 5’10”, that’s an inch every night (without shoes)! Whilst I go on to lose that same inch during the day … and I am sure gravity is not the only factor, as most people only incur a variance of a few millimetres!

Another very important criteria, is that if our necks can bear it, we should try to sleep parallel to the ground without a pillow. Otherwise the problem with a raised head is that, the energy lines will not flow smoothly, but rather they will accumulate in the head and radiate somewhat vertically!

A final lateral conclusion is that we do not want to insulate our bodies with a thick layer of fat, because this would trap energy in our bodies resulting in deleterious illnesses such as arthritis and many more. It is laterally analogous, to how an atom blows-up when surrounded by too many neutrons, for the latter tend to trap and allow the energy to accumulate: hence radioactivity! I urge all my readers to give serious consideration to what I’ve been saying, as I’m a real and tangible evidence of all these principles that I’m promulgating: not only do I grow an inch every-night … but people keep telling me that every-body-else at my age looks like a grandfather of mine – the proof of the pudding is in the eating – may all mankind come to benefit from my discoveries.

Frank Russo.


Nature invented lightning and Fire, and then round-tree-trunks and the Wheel … much later-on Nature Magazine invented Professor Frank Russo who went on to invent the Cold!


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