Paper 349
Dispensing with Sleeping brings Great Health Benefits!
Frank P Russo - May 26, 2004

Way back in 1988, I realized that if one was in a spinning flying saucer, one would be constantly equilibrating his cerebral hemispheres as to neurotransmitters, ph, brain nutrients, temperature (etc). This however is not the case, whilst one sleeps in a normal bed, here on our planet, in normal suburbia!

So initially, I started doing a circle in the bed a few years ago… (after noticing that a lot of people who tossed and turned, did not sleep much!) To equilibrate the brain, as well as the rest of the body, I would "Sleep" or more correctly rest, for 5 minutes on the right, then for 5 minutes on the back, then 5 minutes on the left and finally for about 5 minutes on the frontal "abdomen": there, somewhat "equilibrated"!

Now-days, at about 8 hours intervals, I get on my queen-size bed and rotate my body like a vortex from left to right, and then back from right to left a few times… and then get up somewhat restored!

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