Paper 348
Why we should wash our faces with hot water everyday a couple of times.
Frank P Russo - May 26, 2004

The bible says that "the eyes are the windows of the body." Now whilst this represents a comment of a moral nature (ie. to do with being materialistic) it is nevertheless true that light goes in and out of our eye lenses.

Now of course, if our eye-lenses and whole eyes in general are somewhat lowish in their 'ambient' temperatures, they may actually affect any transmission of light through them. Hence one must make sure that he washes his face everyday with some hot water, making sure of covering the eyelids and eyes. This is ideal in making sure that the eye's operating systems do not get too low, in operating temperatures!

Let us remember that it is the failure of our circulation and the resultant lowered body temperatures, that bring about the demise of many body tissues. This is one reason why sleep can be very detrimental to our bodies, not only do our eyes dry up without all the blinking but the sinuses get all blocked up as well! You may actually be able to dispense with sleep altogether, so long as you do lay down from time to time to "restore" the negative effects of gravity on our "standing" bodies! We also need to periodically smoothen the concentrations of neurotransmitters, ph, nutrients, liquids (etc) especially in our brains.

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