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The truth of the effects of Ascorbic Acid on Glucose Assays
Frank P Russo - May 26, 2004

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One of the greatest Biochemistry books that I have ever come across, is "Principles of Biochemistry" Fifth Edition by Abraham White, Philip Handler and Emil L. Smith.

On page 1182 under "Ascorbic Acid Deficiency", it says "Ascorbic Acid also facilitates removal of iron from 'Ferritin'; since the plasma iron of the anaemic, scorbutic monkey is reduced to about 30% of normal, this may contribute to the genesis of the anaemia". Another interesting point from the foregoing page, is that in "dietary deficiency of the Vitamin (C), the free form tends to decrease in the tissue before appreciable changes occur in the concentration of bound "Ascorbic Acid." (Vitamin C).

New from my work in recent times, it is clear that virtually everybody is "scorbutic"… ie "Vitamin C deficient"! It is easy for the laboratories to claim that "high" Ascorbic Acid concentrations give spurious high glucose results! However if a person (ie. Myself), is full of adequate "Ascorbic Acid" availability, it is clear that he will mobilize an amount of Iron that will be 100% / 30% times the "normally" deficient person of the general population.

This means that I have about "3 and a third" times the amount of iron in my circulation and (total body iron) compared to the average person! This may explain my astronomical strength, and of course may also mean, that if 3 and a third times of the average "work" can be done, then such an oxidation, (i.e.  respiration), would of course require 3 and a third times of the normally required glucose to supply the energy to drive such an oxidation! The "normal" glucose after 2 hours post-meal, is supposedly < 7.8 millimoles/liter in a person having what I recommend as an adequate amount of Vitamin C to consume per day!

Hence, when one sees a person's blood glucose which is much raised, with an accompanying "high" ascorbic acid level, (by "current" standards) one should not attribute such a raised level to Ascorbic Acid interference with the Glucose Assay. But rather accept that such a person has a much higher Iron in the body and is thus capable of doing more work, requiring more energy availability (i.e.  glucose). (The Doctors in December 2002, were amazed at my fingertip-oxygen-capillary-saturation of very close to 100%!

PS It is only humans, monkeys, and guinea pigs that cannot synthesize their own Vitamin C.


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