Paper 344
Feeding our teeth more efficiently
Frank P Russo - May 26, 2004

Just like I've said many times, that our senses are on the 'outside' of our bodies so as to "sense" things… likewise, our teeth would find it very difficult, to feed off the blood, as there is hardly any blood-circulation to speak of, to our teeth.

Hence why we have amylase and some digestion in our mouths! We must chew and chew, and in the process our teeth will absorb some needed nutrients, of which Ascorbic Acid is very important (ie. Vitamin C).

Another important point is that it is the yeast/funguses (etc) that destroy our teeth by eating sugars and "pissing" acid into our teeth, thus destroying them. So rather than poisoning the other organisms, which may be actually repairing your teeth in much the same way as bones "knit together"! (I don't think one should be scared of? "plaque" … so long as the Candida/Yeast/Fungus/Tinea, does not come to eat sugar and "piss" acid on our teeth… our teeth might actually regenerate! Remember, one of the major symptoms of scurvy is the degeneration of the gums and teeth: this is a powerful illustration of the value of the Vitamin C Panacea!

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