Paper 343
A Demonic Conspiracy to starve our bodies of vital force: our foods need to have a lot of potassium rather than the ubiquitous sodium!
Frank P Russo -
May 26, 2004

I am sick and tired of seeing just about every food in the supermarkets, as listing some sodium amongst its nutrients. Most people are in the habit of adding all this "salt" to their foods (sodium chloride)… they hardly need any more sodium!

Furthermore, the idea of salty blood, is to nourish the tissues and red blood cells. Now the point is that this is done through some 'sodium-pumps': the sodium which 'leaks' into the cells is "pumped-out", and is actively replaced with the usual potassium. Hence it is very important that our food info should contain details as to its potassium content!

The analogous idea, is that we should use similar principles when washing ourselves: rather than just using, let us say shower/water, we should use a bath containing an isotonic saline solution which might also contain some cleaning and nourishing substances. OBVIOUSLY WE DON'T WANT ALL OF OUR GOODNESS TO LEAK OUT OF OUR SKIN! Of course a "bath" will not only preserve our water but also stop our skin's health disappearing down the drain.


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