Paper 342
The Healing of the Israelites' Snake Bites through Moses' "Bronze Serpent"
Frank P Russo -
May 26, 2004

In my April 1963, "Communion R.I Competition" I was asked by the Benevento Bishop/Archbishop, "Who tempted Adam and Eve?" to which I replied, "It was Satan the Devil!"

The examiner was quite shocked and excited… "Who told you that?" … "Well snakes don't normally talk… and sure Balaam's ass spoke, but it was the Angel who opened the means for the "donkey's" thoughts!" Along similar lines, the last time I 'silenced' the Christadelphians. I told them that their notion of the "intelligent" serpent, was rather silly! For although the account mentions the "transparent" serpent, it is obvious that whilst "nahas" (serpent) is the noun, the respective verb "nahas" actually means "to practice divination, observed signs"!

This is obviously why the snake is considered so evil! And the healings of the snake-serpents bites in the wilderness has to be taken with a pinch of salt! "Palestine's" snakes were not the most poisonous… furthermore this is evident from the 'Pauline Fable' to do with Malta. There never were poisonous snakes on the latter island! The alternative in the "Numbers 21" narrative: might be that the "Ferrous" emitted light by the snake might stimulate the Ferric observation bright blood!


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