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Vitamin C: The New Panacea!
Frank P Russo -
May 26, 2004

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The past many ideas on the Olive Oil, whilst being very innovative, did not take care of the whole picture. It's good if one can use the insulatory capabilities of Olive-oil, however one can boil or fry in the oil if it is a rather hot day! Remember, to generate coolness of the skin, one would have to add water to the oil covering so as to hydrate it.

It has become crystal-clear to me, that most of my youthfulness for my fifty-and-a-half years, has been due to my astronomically-high mega doses of ascorbic acid, which I have been using for decades! The latter being an antioxidant, sure protects our bodies!

In actual fact simply in my many daily drinks, I've been taking in about forty-seven times the recommended daily dose of Ascorbic Acid of 60 mgs per day! And when you add all of the Ascorbic Acid from the fruit and vegetables (etc), my levels truly become gigantic.

NB Reaction involved is: [L-ascorbic acid]  [dehydro-L-ascorbic acid] + [2H+] + [2 electrons] ; I however suspect that a right-handed isomer is also involved.

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Hence it is quite realistic that I may have been taking about 5 grams of Vitamin C per day! Its amazing properties are dependant on its very readily interchangeable state between the oxidized and reduced states: thus being able to mop-up most of the disruptive agents' mode of actions: "they" have tried to poison me many, many times - yet I'm still here! A thousand thanks Ascorbic Acid!

This Ascorbic Acid, is incredibly important all over the body: be it for bones, teeth, renal re-absorption, or mitochondrial systems (etc)! It is also very important for our eyes: in actual fact, there is a concentration of Ascorbic Acid in both the eye lenses and the "liquid-humor", (aqueous), which is about twenty times higher than the plasma concentrations! Furthermore the highest concentration in our human bodies, is in the Adrenal Cortex… where it must obviously be involved in the synthesis of the many hormones generated under the action of ACTH (AdrenoCorticoTrophic Hormone)! This should be a clear indication of this compound's great worth!

The biggest problem of course, is that a 'depleted state' may take up to three months, to give rise to a manifestation of symptoms: hence one could hover on sickly low levels for most of one's life, without becoming "conscious" of what one's real health problems may have been!

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Naturally the major influence of this Vitamin C is the fact that ACTH uses mainly this Ascorbic Acid and cholesterol in its mode of action. Furthermore it is obvious to me that the pasteurization of milk given to milk-only dependant children and babies, should be discouraged! This is because the raised heating of milk involved, destroys any Ascorbic Acid in the milk. This no-doubt may later bring-on diabetes… simply because the child may develop without well-developed sugar-control… as the ACTH pathways may not flourish that well!

Another great observation of mine is that many, many, psychiatric patients have developed diabetes through consumption of chlorpromazine (Largactil). This is because one of its side-effects is hyperglycemia. This is the end-result of its knocking-out of ACTH as a mode of action. However, I could never sue the company because at the time it was a "God-sent" The only possible way for me to get some much needed rest!!!


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